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Products description
      		Olive essential oil (Olea europaea). This type of oil can e used as base in the preparation of many types of edible 
      oils, cosmetics and also massages oils. Natural oils used in cosmetics have dermatological properties and are highly 
      moisturizing penetrating deeply into our skin making it smooth, elastic and nourished.
Production process
        	The oil is made from the pulp and not the kernel and different qualities are aviable. The oil extraction is performed 
        with the use of CO2 supercritical extraction technology, wich is an innovative, clean and environmental friendly technology, 
        currently applied for the extraction of phytochemicals from plants and herbs. Extraction temperatures are low, times are 
        moderate and extraction is highly selective allowing tailored-made extracts and essential oils.

Essential fatty acids:

    izqPalmitic acids: C16:0 5.0-12%
    izqPalmitoleic acid: C16:1 < 1.0%
    izqStearic acid: C18:0 < 3.5%
    izqOleic acid:C18:1 < 65.0-80.0%
    izqLinoleic acid: C18:2 6.0-25%
    izqLinolenic acid: C18:3 < 1.0%
    izqArachidic acid: C20:0 < 0.6%
    izqGadoleic acid: c22:1 < 0.5%
    izqBehenic acid: C22:00 < 0.3%
    izqEricic acid: C22:1 < 0.2%
Other characteristics
    izqPoor water solubility
    izqStrong aroma

Food and non-food applicactions:

    izqSkin care, irritation, eczema, massage carrier
    izqCardiovascular Health

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