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Products description
        		GADF is a natural product obtained from red grapes that combines the properties of both dietary fibre and 
        	antioxidants in a single product.
            		Benefits of GADF consumption shown in scientific studies:
    izqEnhancement of antioxidant status
    izqReduction of plasma LDL-cholesterol and blood pressure
    izqGrowth stimulation of Lactobacillus
Production process

The process involves drying, sieving and reduction of particle size of grape skin and seeds with no additives.


GADF composition (dry matter basis):

    izq78% Dietary fibre
      izq16% Soluble dietary fibre
      izq62% Insoluble dietary fibre
    izq17% Non extractable polyphenols
    izq4% Extractable polyphenols
    izq11% Protein
    izq8% Fat
    izq5% Ash
    izqAntioxidant capacity of 352 ┬Ámol TE/g dry extract
Other characteristics
    izqRed purple powder. Optional format: yellowish power (from white grapes)
    izqDaily fibre intake of 25 g/day recommended by EFSA
    izqShelf life 24 months

Its main application is to enhance the fibre content of food products, it prevents oxidation processes

Major food applications:

    izqFruit applications: jam, jellies, snacks
    izqCereal products: biscuits, breakfast cereals, cereal bars
    izqBeverages: soy milk, cocoa drink, tea, juices, soft drinks, sport drinks
    izqDiet products and gluten free products
    izqNutritive preparations for GI disease therapies (IBS, constipation)

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