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03 Sep

EcoPROLIVE sponsor of the II AESGOLF Grand Prix of Navarre at the Golf Clubs of Zuasti, Gorráiz, Ulzama on August 20, 21 and 22

A magnificent organization, incredible participation and great prizes and raffles.  The competition has encouraged more than 100 senior golfers (women and men) to compete in Navarra and enjoy 3 days of sports. The championship is gaining notoriety and followers around Spain.

In the three golf fields of the competition three was atasting of the healthy oils and spices of ECOPROLIVE. All the tasted products had great acceptance among the participants and the organization.

We hope to continue supporting golf at the hands of AESGOLF  and the Golf Clubs from Naravarra next year.

Thanks to the representatives of AESGOLF, Club de Zuasti, Gorráiz and Ulzama for their support and the players for their presence.

We hope to share more and better moments soon.