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15 Jul

ISANATUR obtains funding for a new circular economy project: CIRCFOOD

The Government of Navarra (Spain) released the S4 Strategy for Navarra to foster Research and Development projects in the region. The S4 is the agenda of regional economic transformation to become a reference
region in Europe in sustainable and digital economy committed with people and territory . Within this Strategy, different calls are open to tackle different issues.

The Department of Economic and Business Development, through the Directorate General for Industry, Energy and Strategic Projects S4, has resolved the call for grants to carry out strategic R&D projects. With different challenges like zero emission vehicles, genomic and advanced medicine or artificial intelligence and robotics for the industry and the society, among others, the Government has awarded the initiatives with a total amount of 20.6 million € divided into the different projects

The counsellor Irujo, from the region’s government, has highlighted the importance of this call as “transforming engine for the Navarran society in order to reach the S4 Intelligent Specialization”. Furthermore, he added: “the commitment of the business sector and the academic sector is key, so we can face the challenges ahead and develop new productive and business models”. Once all the projects are in motion, they have until December 31st 2024 to reach their goals and ambitions with the received funds.

CIRCFOOD project

Only 12 initiatives were awarded with funding, and CIRCFOOD was one of them with the circular economy approach: Valorization of by-products and agro-waste with a local, cooperative and circular approach for new added value applications. CIRCFOOD is framed on the Challenge 4 ALPES Alimentación Personalizada y Sostenible (Personalised and Sustainable Nutrition). As a result, the project received 1.03 million € to keep developing strategies towards circular economy and nutrition.

CIRCFOOD aims to investigate and develop ways to valorise vegetal waste and by-products generated in Navarra to upcycle them into added value products (antioxidants, fibres, proteins, food ingredients) for the food supply chain. The valorisation processes are complex from a technical and economical perspective. That is why collaboration and cooperation between the partners of the consortium, agro food companies which want to improve the sustainability of their processes (URZANTE, IAN and HARIVENASA), technological SMEs specialized in development, obtention and conditioning of natural and functional ingredients (INGREDALIA, ISANATUR and NUCAPS), and technological centres with experience in production ingredients and foods, as well as sustainability methodologies for the industrial sector (CNTA and AIN) is essential.

ISANATUR role in innovation

ISANATUR already participates in two European projects for the valorisation and upcycling of feedstock waste. ALEHOOP aims to achieve reliable sources of alternative proteins from algae and nut by-products for the food and feed industry; and UP4HEALTH wants to create nutraceutical products, dietary fibre, dietary supplements for the food industry and essential oils for the cosmetic sector.

Alongside with several European partners from different companies, institutions, universities and research centres, ISANATUR is making its part for circular economy, sustainability and healthy nutrition from local feedstock sources.  

ISANATUR brings new formats of revalorization sourced from by-products of ecological agricultural practices. Its objective is to facilitate access to natural and healthy food ingredients at best value. The production process is located in Spain exploiting the full potential of the Mediterranean diet and raw materials. Isanatur is specialized in the production, commercialization, and distribution of value-added nutritional ingredients to be ideally used in dietary supplements and functional foods

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